Apr. 28th, 2016

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On Friday, April 22, my iPhone 5S became inoperative. Nothing I could do would revive it. I noticed that I had only $22 to pay off the phone and my contract. I contacted Rogers via Twitter. The interaction number was I932554641. I asked about purchasing an iPhone SE, explaining what I was doing, how my phone no longer worked, and that this was a replacement. The CSR, with whom I have absolutely no issues, told me that there were some SEs in stock and asked what color I would like. I asked for gold. I was told that gold was out of stock, but that there were silver ones available, would that be okay. Since the important thing is not the color, but getting the phone, I said that would be fine, and the order was placed. After several days passed with no shipping notification, I asked about the delay and was told not to worry. This afternoon, after almost a week had passed, I asked again, and was told that my phone, rather than being in stock, is actually on back-order, and there is no estimate available as to when it will be in stock. Not only is this runaround not acceptable, but it is of concern to me on a number of fronts. I am blind. My phone is not just a phone, it is my safety line in case I am in trouble and need assistance; it is often the only way I have of determining where I am; and the list goes on. I am also leaving the country to get married in about two weeks, and since I have been told there is no guarantee I will have my phone by then, this is cause for concern. If my old phone were working, I would not be so upset over this, but I am now with no phone, after ordering a phone in good faith that I was told was in stock. A multi-week delay of this magnitude is completely unacceptable and an unreasonable expectation. If Rogers were truly interested in cleaning up its public image, as I have been told, efforts would be made to accommodate me after I acted in good faith: a phone in another color, or with a different memory capacity, for example, at the same price. But all I am being told is that there's nothing to be done about it. I will be sharing my experiences in my blog, and would much prefer to be able to report a resolved issue. Furthermore, I will excalate my complaint to any avenues available to me if this is not resolved quickly. I am not at fault here. I acted in good faith, I assumed Rogers meant it when I was told my phone was available. As a blind consumer, and as a consumer in general, I have a right to better treatment than this. Any help in resolving this issue would be very much appreciated. Thank you.


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