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I've heard of these LiveJournal dramas, hoped I'd never get involved in one, and todayI got myself involved in one.Or, rather, I was the direct cause of one.

This morning I posted an entry. In it, I made some cutting remarks about GWMicro and the ACB Radio program Main Menu, hosted by Jeff Bishop and Darrell Shandrow. The remarks I made were cutting and unwarranted, unfair and, most importantly to me, un-Christian. I was hurtful and spiteful in what I said and how I said it. I had originally planned on deleting my LJ and calling the whole thing off, but something Mr. Shandrow said gave me cause for thought, and I realized that it would be far better to own up to what I didthan to attempt to run away from it.

I do not wish this LiveJournal to be used as a mouthpiece to hurt others. Unfortunately, that is precisely what I did this morning. I will not attempt to blame circumstances or conditions, the fault is entirely mine. There can be no excuse. I do not blame Jeff andDarrell, or anyone at GWMicro, if they do not wish to. or do not feel able to, forgive me for this. The extent of my misdeed is fairly vast. But please do know that I truly am sorry and will not make any future negative comments about either GWMicro, MainMenu,or the people who host it. I was hurtful to friends this morning, as well as a bunch of other people I have nothing against. I hope I've learned my lesson.
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I deleted my previous poll because it omitted a choice that really should have been there. Normally I'd laugh that off and just say woops, but this could imply that some people are dishonest when they are not, so I felt the need to wipe the poll in the interests of fairness.


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