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I've taken over Bruce's LJ account long enough to post this entry. There were several entries, and thanks to all of you who took the time to come up with your creative polls. But now, the time that you all have been waiting for ... the winner of the contest ... I'll tell you in a different entry.

Okay, okay. So I'll tell you now.

Congratulations goes to [ profile] pawpower4me for coming up with the poll that I feel was most Bruceish. This was a tough choice, and again, we thank all of you who participated.
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Just a quick reminder to everyone about the Bruce-like Poll Contest. The idea is to write a poll that looks as much like a poll I would've writen as you can make it. So far we've had three people step up to the challenge. The prize is an Amazon gift certificate. Your judge will be the lovely [ profile] kittytech. You must link your poll as a comment to the original contest entry. If you have any questions, read the original entry for more. Good luck, and I'd love to see your poll.
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I have decided to start a contest for all those interested. And I'll even offer a prize. It's the Brucelike Poll Contest.

Between now and Friday, April 11, I want people to come up with a poll for their LJ. Whoever can come up with a poll that most resembles the sort of poll I'd come up with will win a $10 Amazon gift certificate. If you are in Canada, it will be, if you are in the States, it will be, if you are in the UK it will be a 5-pound certificate from If you use a different Amazon, we'll negotiate an equivalent. The judge for this contest will be [ profile] kittytech. You must link your entry to this entry in a comment. Again, you have until Friday April 11. If you want help either creating your poll or linking to this entry in a comment, just ask [ profile] kittytech or me and we'll be glad to help. Good luck.


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