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Well, I'm back, everyone. It was an uneventful trip home.

Today is an important day for Christians, it's the day we commemorate the rising from the dead of our Lord and Savior. If you don't believe in this, I'm not passing judgment on you, but I'm not ashamed to publicly talke about what this day means to me. If you choose, feel free to move to the next entry.

In my view, there are five milestone days in the life of Christ ... not to diminish the others, but these five tell the story:

  • Christmas - commemorates Christ's birth, the plan of salvation and redemption is put into action
  • Good Friday - commemorates His brutal death on the cross, the sacrifice for our sins is finished
  • Easter Sunday - commemorates Christ's triumphal ressurrection from the dead, necessary in order to make His sacrifice meaningful; the forgiveness of our sins is complete if we will but accept it
  • Ascension Day - commemorates the day Christ ascended back to the Father's right hand to reclaim His throne
  • Penticost - commemorates the day of the sending of the Holy Spirit, as Christ so beautifully promised His disciples in John

I'm not out to preach here. You can read transcripts of the sermons I actually have preached at my Website.

But I had to express myself, since others of differing views have freely expressed those views without reservation.


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