Sep. 17th, 2016

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Many of you will no doubt be aware of some of the problems I am having with Microsoft Outlook on my Windows 10 machine. But you may not have heard the whole story, or you may not have heard any of it. So here is the complete story of the problem and what I have done to try dealing with it. Any constructive advice would be most appreciated.

It started back in late April, when my CD-ROM drive stopped working. I was convinced that the problem was software-, not hardware-related. I decided that a complete reinstall of Windows might do the trick, so I did just that. Sure enough, my CD-ROM problem was completely solved by this move.

I then proceeded to install Office 365, as a matter of course. I expected this to all go smoothly, as it had in the past. But when it came to running Outlook, things started going badly. When I finished the steps needed to creat my account, I got an "internal Mapi error", whatever that means, and I was told to contact my system administrator. My system administrator, being me, was completely mystified by what was going on. I tried reinstalling Office a few times, but always got the same error. I tried another reinstall of Windows, and still got the same error.

I finally saw a recommendation to try running Outlook as an administrator. This got rid of the Mapi error, and I was able to create my Outlook account. When I tried running Outlook again after this, I got an error stating that Outlook was not my default mail client, which is odd, because Outlook was absolutely my default client. Again, running Outlook as an administrator solved the problem, for many months.

I am a Windows Insider. Two days ago, I started having a problem where my screen reader would not properly read the e-mail information to me on the messages list. This meant, effectively, that I could not find out who sent me a message without actually going into the message. This is both a time-waster and a security risk, as far as I'm concerned. I tried restarting Outlook, I tried restarting JAWS. Neither helped. I tried a repair of Outlook, and then a repair of JAWS. Neither helped. I tried running Outlook without running as administrator. Suddenly the messages read, but I still got an error stating that Outlook is not my default client, and new messages would not come in for me. If I ran as administrator, JAWS wouldn't read my messages properly, if I ran not as administrator, Outlook wouldn't work properly.

I then tried a reinstall of Office. That didn't work. I'm using Office 365, by the way. I tried a complete, utter reinstall of JAWS, that also did not help. My final last gasp of an effort was to try reinstalling Office and making sure it was the 32-bit version. None of these things have made a difference. So that's where we stand now.

UPDATE: At the suggestion of Brian Hartgen, I took my issue to the Microsoft Disability Answer Desk. This is the first time I have ever had to deal with this resource, and I have to say I was very pleased with how it turned out. They were initially quite sure I had my e-mail settings wrong, but once it became clear that I didn't, they worked remotely with me. Turns out there's a know bug in Office that prevented me from running Outlook without running it as administrator. They reverted me to a previous version of Office, which did the trick, and assured me that they are working on a fix for the problem.


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