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One of my favorite dipping sauces is honey dill sauce. Here's the recipe, if you're interested. )

But [ profile] kittytech hadn't heard of the stuff before I came along. Now she's a huge fan. But she thinks it might be a Canadian, or at least a non-American, thing. Have you heard of the stuff?

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Haven't done one of these for a while, so enjoy.

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We're having a bitter, angry, violent, and terrifyingly vicious argument (okay, it's actually a quiet, friendly discussion) on a mailing list about pizza, so I thought I'd bring this question to you, the reader.

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Okay, another fierce argument has ensued (not) between me and the lovely [ profile] kittytech. I was telling some friends about her neighbor next door across the hall. She says if they're across the hall, they can't be next door. I say if you leave her apartment at a certain angle, the next door you get to is theirs. I'm right, i'm right, a thousand times, i'm right!!!!!!!!!! Or am I? What think you?

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Hey ladies, gentlemen, and others, I think it's about time we did a poll. So enjoy!

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So we have another Bomber game tonight. Caroline considers herself a "Bomber widow" on these nights. What think you about all this? Take the ultra-scientific, money-back-guaranteed, one-size-fits-all, lifting-and-separating Bruce Toews quiz.

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I think that if a donut is plain and too dry, it might work to put ketchup on them. [ profile] kittytech thinks I'm out of my mind. What say you?

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I had a yummy steak at Applebee's yesterday. So I thought I'd give veryone the chance to design a steak for themselves. But remember, save the last ketchup for me, as the Drifters would have said.

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To my many wonderful American friends, I wish you the happiest of Fourth of Julys from the big country to the north of you. Bonus points if you can name it. Whether you're American or not, take this Fourth of July poll, which has been passed down from ... which was handed to me by ... which has been a family tradition since ... which has its roots way back ... okay, which I just made up.

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I hate country music. I know others, people of the tone-deaf persuasion, love the stuff. Case in point: my roommate. Others, like the irreversibly lovely [ profile] kittytech, are misguided and deranged, but I love them (or at least that one) anyway. So here's your chance to build the perfect country music listening experience.

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It's morningas I write this. Many people around me are drinking coffee. So why not tell me about your perfect cup of coffee?

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I love French (Freedom) fries very much. I decided as a kid that Friday was going to be French Fry day, and that my mom was always going to make me French (Freedom) fries on Fridays. Mom didn't buy this reasoning. But here, despite my damaged ego after this chhildhood heartache, is the French (Freedom) fry poll.

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Been a while since I've done one of these polls. I've asked one or two of these questions before.

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My new laptop should be arriving soon. I want to give it a name. My previous laptop was named Julia, in honor of its previous owner. My idea of calling this new computer OfficerKaren is getting less than rave reviews from my adoring public. assuming that I have one, so I'll put it to the masses. What shall I name my new computer?

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It's a yucky day in the Peg. Worse outside the city. So I thought I'd give you the chance to construct your perfect meteorological (that means weather, for anyone from Saskatchewan or Wisconsin) day.

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don't worry, I've made allowances for people not in relationships or who don't want to comment but still want to take the poll.

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Please settle another argument between [ profile] kittytech and me.

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Poll-creator's note: Even if I don't like it when people share e-mail addresses, I don't hold it against those who do. It's not a show-stopper.

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I thought you could all use a vacation. Since I haven't the power to give you one, I offer instead the chance for you to define it. Feel free to tell me about your dream vacation in a comment, because I'm sure I didn't cover everything. Also feel free to leave a comment if I didn't leave enough space in the last question.

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