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Okay, here's one. What do you do if you suddenly "wake up" to realizing
that the approval of other people has suddenly - or not-so-suddenly -
become more important to you than God's approval? I think even if you
don't believe in God, you might have something valuable to contribute
here, because there is an underlying idea that even transcends faith or
the lack thereof. If you don't believe in God, your question might
simply be, What do you do if you find yourself putting more stock in the
approval of others than you should?
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Is it possible for something to be true, and for the opposite to be true
as well at the same time and in the same place? Give examples, if it is.
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How do you copyright a calendar? I mean, how can you claim copyright on
a calenar? If it were a photo calendar, or tactile equivalent, then
maybe I'd understand. But just an ordinary calendar. Copyright, 2008.
What possible scenario could violate that copyright?
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What are those cookies called with two wafers on the outside with chocolate or vanilla on the inside? Kind of like incomplete Coffee Crisp bars.
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Is there any food combination or maybe use of a certain preparation method on a certain type of food that you've never heard of having been tried before, but the thought of which intrigues you?
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Knowing me and the sorts of things I do, what would you imagine to be my most embarrassing moment?
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What is your most embarrassing LJ moment?
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Which came first, the cake-mix or the egg?
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Where do babies come from?
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Tell me one good thing about C++.
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Tell me a bedtime story.
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Why do all infomercial spokespeople sound like they're clones of each
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Got any guilty secrets?
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What did bread mold do before bread was invented? Did it just sit around, chatting with the mushrooms, waiting for its big moment?
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You are offered fifty million dollars if you can redesign the drinking
straw in a revolutionary way. If you fail, you have to spend the rest of
your life locked in a room with Hilary Clinton. Tell me about the new
drinking straw you invent.
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What's the square root of 208?
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N.B. This is a two-part question. You may answer the second question
only, but if you answer the first question, you are required to answer
the second question as well.

Part 1: What about 2007 do you hope does not repeat itself in 2008?

Part 2: What about 2007 do you hope does repeat itself in 2008?
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What's the difference between a cupcake and a muffin?
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Do I worry too much?
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Why is it that people with cat alergies tend to be cat-lovers and people
with dog alergies tend to be dog-lovers?


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